Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Steve Pickett, 3/1/1972 - 12/13/2010

Eric Altman, Adam Cox, Myself, and Steve "Indy" Pickett @ 2011 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Sadness has overwhelmed me since I found out about the passing of my good friend "Indy" Steve Pickett. Steve and I had really formed a strong friendship towards the middle of 2009, but became accquainted in 2006. We all were newbies to the only world of Bigfoot. We would gather in the early evening on Paltalk or Yahoo! Instant Messenger and discuss this creature into the early hours of the morning. Eventually - you move past the subject and begin to get to know the person other than their screen name. Today - I am very fortunate that one of those avatars; IndyBfHunter, would become known to me as Steve Pickett.

Yes, we would not have known each other had our lives not become intertwined while searching for the mystery of Sasquatch/ Bigfoot. How strange is it that two complete strangers would bond over their hunt for a legend? But it was more than that...

We began to converse over the phone - discussing Steve's Squatchfest events or current happenings in the BF Field. Then we shared stories of our kids, our spouses -reflections on the past, and many many other tropics. 
He became the guy you could count on when you needed a laugh, shed a tear, or to tell you if you're a jack ass!

We finally met in person at the 2010 Ohio Bigfoot Conference. I had discussed with Indy his plans regarding the East Coast Friend's of Bob Gimlin Luncheon. This was a great achievement for Indy, and it was a rousing success. He put a lot of effort into the event - sweated a lot of bullets - and I was personally pleased to see the smile cross his face. I got to spend time with Indy, and we had a great weekend. One I will never forget.

The last time I heard from Indy, it was over the weekend when my wife I and were in the hospital. We are expecting anyday - and we thought Saturday was going to be the day. Indy texted me to see how I was doing and how my wife was... thats the kind of guy he was. That would be the final message I ever received from him. 

I was listening to MNBRT Radio ( A Bigfoot show) when I got the news of Indy's passing. It felt like someone punched me in the heart. I didn't have the words to send proper condolences. Still can't properly do it. Indy became a fixture on Bigfoot shows - at one point hosting his own show, USBRA Radio. He recently was a staple on Squatchdetective Radio with Steve Kulls. 

Indy was my friend. Proud of it. He knew how to make you mad, make you laugh, and just showed you how to have a sense of humor about life. No matter how bad he had it - or you had it. He was a larger than life guy with a larger than life personality. He also had a big heart.

I'm going to miss his humor, his guidance, his antics - but most of all, I am gonna miss him. I'm so glad I met him years ago, would like to have known him longer. He was like a big brother to me, and his memory will always be eternal in my heart. I love you Indy. Rest well my brother, for I intend to "Keep on Squatchin" with you on the other side.


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